Your Style

Your Style

By Carlo Leon Sadang | 28 March 2022

I guess our sense of style comes at an early age. I was a 90’s kid and during those days kids were kind of brand conscious. The brand dictated the style. There were no rules. Branded stuff was cool and if it wasn’t branded then you were out of fashion. Therefore, the rise of counterfeit goods. 

I’m no fashion guru. I’m just a guy who is a keen observer of the life around me. I write this article because I would like to recommend it to the other guys and girls out there who are totally in the ionosphere when it comes to style. What I will talk about is probably the basics.

Your Style

Firstly, no style will ever work if you stink. So the best way is to bathe at least twice a day. I don’t think I’ll have much backlash here. If you are a once-a-day bather then I suggest you bump it up to two. You don’t want to stink at night with your significant other. Don’t think as well that your odor stays the same when you hit the sack so you need to bathe at the start of the day. Have a nice facial wash, lip balm, shampoo and moisturizer on hand to make sure your body gets the pampering you need.

Secondly, the hair. Some have gone bald so that would be less of a problem. Some go for that salt and pepper look to save on hair products. But if you are going with the less hair vibe, your head must have a pretty nice shape. If your head is kind of flat or you have a big forehead that may not be a good idea. Some go for the clean-cut which of course is fine, it’s just that it’s pretty common and ordinary. Is your hair colored artificially like green, red, orange, purple or gold? I would suggest that you really give it a good think before doing that (what are you trying to accomplish). If you want to stand out maybe you would like to consider long hair but that is another hour throughout the day you spend just to maintain it – honestly! Your spending on hair products as well. If you aren’t too passionate about your hair then just go for a simple style or do some research. I would go for a bob or nicely maintained long hair (but not too long) for women and the styled brushed up shiny black hair for the guys.

Thirdly, what is your fragrance? You want to have that distinct scent that people around you associate you with. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd without making you look trying hard. Are you an Eau de Parfume, Eau de Toilette or just cologne type of person. There is also the Eau de Fraiche if you wanna try out adding a fragrance to your repertoire. Whatever you do, don’t go out of the house without your fragrance on you. It’s a must-have. I would recommend the Toilette because it just gives you a hint instead of a statement. Don’t also go for the common cologne that everybody knows. You’ll have to figure this out yourself and research it. Feel good and smell good. Don’t be flattered if your fragrance gets identified rather be flattered if they ask you what you are wearing. If you ask me I would pick mine from the water or lavender family for the guys while floral for the women. 

Fourth is of course the outfit. Are you a Hawaiian shirt kind of guy? Do you like wearing rubber shoes on all occasions? Are you so obsessed with wearing clothes three sizes smaller or bigger? Do you like torn denim with matching patches? Do you like to wear fancy hats and accessories? Do you want to go for the covered in gold and diamonds Egyptian kind of look? What about the “I’m running out of fabric” kind of theme for the girls? Do you want that Filipiniana theme on yourself? If this is the case, ask yourself this question. Is this really you? If you are going with this kind of setup then you may also want to calibrate your personality to suit the way you dress. As for me, I would recommend you to find a good pair of shoes (not rubber – unless you are Mr. Sporty), a nice pair of denim or maybe even khakis for the guys and maybe a nice dress for the girls. Try to find a theme. Consistency is the best. Don’t go beyond two color combinations. You want to have a that smooth, simple and classy look. Also, don’t forget to iron (properly) your clothes. Have a nice suit ready always. Just place yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself 40 times. Is this really going to be my look? I guess the safest look would be the smart casual. You can get that nice and decent look everything and all for under $200 which includes everything you wear. Whatever you fancy, try to get a theme on your clothing. What do you want to convey about yourself? Think about that every time you go and shop to choose your fabric. For the women, I will be honest. If you combine the less fabric and three sizes smaller kind of look I beg you to please think about it again.

So there you have it. Smell good & look elegant. If you want to take risks, that’s on you but make sure you have thought it over and played it out. Remember people are judgmental. Unless you are a rock star, athlete, a known fashionista, a blogger, into Filipiniana stuff, a sports buff then maybe you would consider dressing differently from the norm. The best style for me is to stand out on your own but use your clothes and accessories to compliment you instead of the other way around.

Carlo Leon Sadang

Carlo Leon Sadang is a technical researcher and an engineer. He currently finishing his ebook about ethical and moral standards. He is still actively working as an engineer while writing ebooks on the side. 


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