Rational Thought

Rational Thought

By Carlo Leon Sadang | 5 March 2022

And so in a world that is filled with discourse, contempt, and bias, what has been forgotten if not considered in the first place. The subject is rational thought. This is not new. Always important but always forgotten, rational thought is supposed to be in the very fiber of the human mind. Of course, rational thought covers only the important aspects of human thought. The other things that every human has to deal with may require the other side of the coin. Passion. It may be too much to digest but rational thought being part of human nature was a tool rarely consulted. We find our way having to run it back often after the fact.

Rational Thought

Rational thought gives importance to facts, data, logic instead of personal biases. It takes away subjectivity and preference from the equation of human decisions.

We make dozens of decisions every day and we’ll have at least one decision that concerns rationality. A rational person will think it over while an irrational person will jump like a fool on what comes right into his mind. It’s funny that the computer, possibly man’s greatest invention, is more rational than man. A computer sticks to its program. Given the conditions it is presented with, it will follow what it has been programmed to do. It does not care if people will be offended or it will not improve its output. It will stay consistent until it gets corrupted or the program is changed but this is beyond the control of the computer.


Man has the power of his own volition to use his free will for the ultimate purpose of good. The problem these days is, “good” is a very subjective word. And when it became objective, it was defined by the leader who had his subjective definition. Good is associated more with popularity and material gain than well – good itself. You see, good is objective and never subjective. It is never subjective and it is consistent no matter what day, month, season, situation, or millennium. Good is defined by what conforms to the natural and moral law. Adultery, sexual liberation, abortion, tyranny, racism, slavery, gender inequality are some examples of evil. These examples reduce human dignity below what it deserves. They are evil in any millennium. 


Yes, there are exceptions to the principle but the problem is we tend to always find the exception to justify if the principle is even valid. Take for example abortion. The only way abortion (using moral thought) will ever be a moral choice is if is in the defense of the life of the mother. This is the only case. Some matters like adultery, slavery, racism, and gender inequality will never have exceptions. They are always evil and defective in nature.


To be human is to be a tool of good. That is the nature of man. To be good. To be truthful. Again there is an exception. Truth is only revealed to those who will use it for good and not evil. For example, you see a woman screaming in the middle of the night and asking to be hidden because she is being hunted by gangsters. And so you hide her. Then a few minutes after these crazy gangsters ask you if you saw this woman. Do you tell the truth, knowing they would certainly kill her? Or do you lie and tell them this woman went past you in another direction?


My theory is that it will at least double our normal efficiency and half the mistakes that we make if only we start thinking rationally. It is much easier to do so by starting with oneself and then seeing the benefits.


In conclusion, I would like to cite an example of a rational thinker Warren Buffet. He lives in the same house he bought in the fifties. A modest house by billionaire standards. He doesn’t buy expensive European cars. Why does he? His ego is intact so he does not need to. Now let’s take a Hollywood celebrity, say, Tom Cruise. He needs to look his best, he needs to drive an exotic supercar and wear high-end branded fashion. Does he need to? Of course, he does! He’s in show business.

Carlo Leon Sadang

Carlo Leon Sadang is a technical researcher and an engineer. He currently finishing his ebook about ethical and moral standards. He is still actively working as an engineer while writing ebooks on the side. 


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