Ages of Human Civilization

Ages of Human Civilization

By Carlo Leon Sadang | 28 March 2022

World history has classified human times into different periods and since this is dependent on what civilization witnessed it calls it differently. In Europe for example would be the Middle Age, Renaissance, Exploration, Industrial Age and so forth to name a few. This period would be different on another continent.
But the world as it is, inevitably through man’s perspective will pass through these periods some covering millennia. They would be the unknown period, the ancient times, the learning period and the perfection or Armageddon.

Ages of Human Civilization

The unknown period will always remain unknown. This is also known as pre-history where only science modern tools can explain what happened. How the world came to be is the main theme of this period. When ancient times came and the man walked the earth came the ancient times. Man learns to live and explore his immediate surroundings. Technology is at its crudest form and pretty much it is the ways of the jungle. There were of course advanced forms of society during these times and this is the first time history was being recorded.

From the ancient period, we are now at the learning period. How long this will take is all up to the man. And to be honest it is disappointing why we are taking this long. We are currently in the learning period. The learning period is when peace generally came into this earth. This is when the Alexander the Greats of the world somehow lost their luster. Yes, countries these days still want to control and dominate the world but it is mostly through influence and not direct occupation. It is more on economy and culture and recognition.

Yes, there is the occasional leader who gets to have absolute power from time to time but in all essence, people don’t crave armed conflict and generally, these tyrants are limited to their existing territory. I believe that territorial expansion has lost its popularity in the world generally since the world has not had any major world war. Democracy has been the chosen social order of most countries though I would think that those under tyrannical rule crave this as well.

We consider this the learning period because unlike the previous two eras we can take some time to retrospect and have some form of assurance of peace and order. Information is now more readily available and if we truly wanted to, we could find the truth by using an unbiased rational mind. In the learning period though we also learned we failed to study the most important lesson of man: How do we get there?

Yes, how do we get there? Utopian society has been a fundamental goal of man from the start. This is where humanity generally wants to get to but it has done it at quite a snail’s pace. Slavery was condemned only a couple of centuries ago while racism was just a few decades. Man’s universal equality and dignity were just accepted in just last century. The learning period is taking too long and maybe the assurance of democracy which if played cunningly by a government becomes simply an illusion of a good society.

I believe that it is possible to accelerate the learning period if man accepts the universality of the moral and natural law in this 21st century. This of course is the key. This covers everything from the universality of human dignity which was already declared to the review of the moral conformity of law.

Carlo Leon Sadang

Carlo Leon Sadang is a technical researcher and an engineer. He currently finishing his ebook about ethical and moral standards. He is still actively working as an engineer while writing ebooks on the side. 


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