Maturity of Youth

Maturity of Youth

By Carlo Leon Sadang | 28 March 2022

The youth of today and yesterday have not evolved. We used to be part of that youth and yet we have made the same mistakes. One key reason if not the only reason is our inability to mature at a young age and we often learn to act properly only when we reach middle age.

Maturity of Youth

It seems that the education system for the youth is biased towards one side: Academics. The youth needs to learn more about life. They need to learn more about ethics, arts, finances, health, love and social awareness just to name a few. In truth, the education system prepares the youth only for a general understanding of the world. How it works. By the time they get to college they have wasted the years where their inner development could have been improved.

I’m talking about maturity. Maturity they say is something gained through the years. You must go through it. It can’t be learned. The problem is maturity generally comes too late. The youth must learn about taking charge of their life at an early age, understanding the value of money, patriotism, morality, proper hygiene and self-awareness. These life lessons are usually left to the parents but let us be honest, even what we would consider good parents rarely take their children for a life lesson.

If you had parents that taught you how to live your life at an early age you would be lucky. Some children have that maturity early on. They normally perform better in class as a consequence of this proper upbringing while some stay away from trouble at all costs. Some find passions and stick with them to keep their youth busy.

Ultimately society must band together and face the problem of the immaturity of the youth. Being “young” should not Since responsible parenthood is truly subjective, this initiative to give maturity to the youth.

Carlo Leon Sadang

Carlo Leon Sadang is a technical researcher and an engineer. He currently finishing his ebook about ethical and moral standards. He is still actively working as an engineer while writing ebooks on the side. 


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