Most Influential People Ever

Most Influential People Ever

By Carlo Leon Sadang | 28 March 2022

Most Influential People Ever
It would always fall into the realms of philosophy, religion, technology and science if you were to find these people. In the words of Albert Einstein: Politics lasts a lifetime, science lasts forever. Though to put into contrast Einstein did forget about philosophy and religion whose impact is still with us in this world until today but I guess he was simply comparing his political and scientific choice at that time.
Let me start by making the list not according to importance after the first person is mentioned.

Most Influential People Ever

Jesus Christ would obviously be the first. I would have to be objective about this as I always do removing any form of bias towards my Christianity. I take Jesus as the most influential of all for the simple reason that he is the only person who claims and proves divinity. If we disregard the tradition and symbolism of his life the man raised the dead, resurrected and performed mind-boggling miracles. How could anyone do such? Having power over death is a fundamental advantage Jesus has over any person over history. 

His effect is forever and whether you are a believer or not He remains presently significant even after 2 millennia. Even the Muslim faith, which appears around 600 years after Jesus passing has some roots in Christianity. It is just sad that Christianity became the most replicated, modified, and debated religion which somehow takes away its essence. Perhaps the greatest contribution that Jesus Christ has given to this world is the affirmation of God as a real being and not man’s imagination and the importance of fighting for good and vanquishing evil. This is perhaps the greatest human endeavor – fight all evil always.
Though I would credit Thomas Edison’s application of electricity which effectively gave way to a new paradigm in this world that literally lighted the world and the world never took a look back, I have to cite Nikola Tesla alongside his greatness if not even better. Yes they were rivals and the former was more talented at enterprising and publicity but without alternating current from Tesla, we would not have the world we see it as today. Einstein’s famous response when asked what it felt like to be the smartest man alive was he did not know for they must ask Nikola Tesla. Such was the power of Tesla’s mind. These two gentlemen hated each other and who could have guessed what more they could have brought into this world if they actually worked together. Perhaps it is sad that great men seem to have sad ends, both seemed to suffer the same fate as Edison got booted out from his own company while Tesla died relatively poor and uncelebrated for his greatness. Apparently, even the greatest of all don’t get to have the treatment they deserve.

Democracy is not a new idea. It has been part of an ancient civilization. Plato is possibly the greatest democratic thinker and he believed that the leadership of the people would be given to those most deserving only. This would mean the people would choose only from the finest citizens. Today’s democracy is quite different. Those who get to run may not necessarily be the finest or most brilliant citizens but certainly the most popular or the coolest. I agree with Plato that leadership should be given to the finest and most qualified citizens however, what I think was missing was Plato’s lack of insisting on fixed principles of any society. And for us, those fine citizens simply make these principles manifest in society. But still. Plato’s contribution to democracy though not fully adopted by today’s standards and would seem quite laughable to Plato if he were alive today at least saw the light of day. Plato’s philosophies remain to be relevant and there is a renaissance to his classical views in some parts of the world.

I would also include Aesop here. Yes, I would agree most of you remember him for his fables. Some even doubt his existence but that just goes to say if a man’s very existence is questioned it means his importance and impact have made him even more of a legend. Why is Aesop so important? To my knowledge, Aesop was the first to hammer down into our minds the importance of common sense. Aesop was no scholar. He relies on the simple thought process and by using animals as his main characters he emphasizes the practicality of common sense in daily life. It exposes man’s bias towards his selfishness and simplifies not the complex but what is being made complex. Imagine if Aesop were alive today if he were running for public office how he would run around circles with those politicians who would try to.

Carlo Leon Sadang

Carlo Leon Sadang is a technical researcher and an engineer. He currently finishing his ebook about ethical and moral standards. He is still actively working as an engineer while writing ebooks on the side. 


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