FIRST PIFPO National Convention

FIRST PIFPO National Convention

By Sarah Jane Caluyo | 1 September 2022

It’s ON PEOPLE! The FIRST PIFPO National Convention will be held on 16-18 September 2022 via ZOOM.

The hard-working National Officers, Charter Presidents, and all who made this possible are relentlessly and untiringly doing everything to bring fire and life safety awareness to another level.

The world supports PIFPO in their idea and we hope that we support them too!

Attend the FIRST PIFPO National Convention and see the latest updates from the recognized experts:

For PIFPO Members, click on

For non PIFPO Members, visit

Not only that, this organization has members from different disciplines. Attending the PIFPO National Convention can earn you CPD Points!

Architecture (10 CPD Points)
Civic Engineering (8 CPD Points)
Mechanical Engineers (15 CPD Points)
Electrical Engineering (6 CPD Points)
Electronics Engineering (6 CPD Points)

Our safety, our world, our fate. These are all in our hands. Be responsible, participate, connect and expand.

Sarah Jane Caluyo

Sarah Jane Caluyo is an Economics graduate but saw her passion in creative contents, cooking, eating and surfing. She is now a  full-time writer together with her partner. 


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