Proven Ways to Make Money Online

Proven Ways to Make Money Online

By John Philip Espiloy | 4 March 2022

Everyone needs to make money and who doesn’t, right? Fortunately, we now live in the age of the internet. You’ll be surprised how earning money through the internet is a viable choice, if done right. Making money online is easy depending on your talents.

How to earn online? It is very easy and with the use of your laptop, PC or even smartphones, you can start earning. You just need to do your research.

Believe it or not, you possess great talent and all you just need to know is how to use it.

Like any investment, the amount of money you’ll earn would depend on your skills, experience and the time you’re willing to spend doing it.

Let’s start with the most comprehensive list (in no particular order) on making money from the comforts of your home.

  1. Start a Dropshipping Business
  2. Earn commissions through Affiliate Marketing Program
  3. Be a YouTuber
  4. Become a Live Seller on Facebook
  5. Start a Profitable Blog
  6. Data Entry Jobs
  7. ESL: Teach English to Non-English Speakers
  8. Sell Your Videos Online
  9. Live Stream your Hobbies and Talents
  10. Sell Homemade Food Online
  11. Online Paid Surveys
  12. Create or Buy and Sell Handicrafts
  13. Sell your Designs and Drawings Online
  14. Start a Podcast Show
  15. Sell Stock Images Online
  16. Create an Online Course
  17. Publish your eBook

1.  Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where you don’t keep the products you sell in stock. When you sell a product to a customer, they purchase the item from a third party (a manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, or another retailer) that ships the product directly to your customer.

Your website acts as a storefront that your customers order the products from. Once they place an order, you charge your customer and the dropshipper charges you.

You profit from the difference between the price you set on the product ordered by your customer and the product you bought from the dropshipper.

Some of the key benefits in considering dropshipping business is that you can run it anywhere and you don’t need to keep your stocks or even a storage space for it.Dropshipping Business

Some people successfully earned as much as $12,000 (PHP 612,000) within three months by selling US and European products.

A word of caution though. You may need to do extensive market research on the trending products for your chosen target audience to maximize the capital and the time you’ll be spending.

You also need to do a thorough background check on the dropshipper before transacting with them. There are plenty of bogus dropshippers out there that scam people. Check out on how their secure payment works.

If you are interested in starting your dropshipping business, check out How to Start a Dropshipping Business.


2.  Earn Commissions through Affiliate  Marketing Program

An affiliate marketing program is an old but effective online sales tactic. It lets a product or service increase sales by allowing others to target the same audience, also known as “affiliates”. You earn a commission each time someone purchases through the unique link associated with your recommendation. You may share your recommendation through blogs, ads, social media platforms, or websites.

Some drive traffic by using Facebook ads that when clicked, are linked to the website of your recommended product or services.  Others use their YouTube channels with the links shown in their video description.

Commission rates vary depending on the company with whom you’ll enroll in the program. You can earn from about 5% of each sale made but others, depending on their arrangement, can earn as much as 50%. There are also that provides a flat rate per sale instead of a percentage.

Affiliate Marketing

One person was featured back in 2017 that made more than $1M (PHP 50M) in that year alone.

To know more about the Affiliate Marketing Program, check out the link Affiliate Marketing: How to Turn Product Recommendations Into Passive Income


3.  Be a YouTuber

While in the past, YouTubers earn from the ads generated by their channel. Today, there are more ways to each from it. You may sell or review merchandise, create content, sponsor a brand, react to videos, affiliate marketing, or even promote an event.

All an aspiring Youtuber need is basic video editing skills, a good quality smartphone and a good internet connection. Where else can you learn basic video editing skills, from YouTube!

Be a Youtuber

Some popular YouTubers earn as much as $7,000 (PHP350,000) a month. It depends on the number of subscribers they have, the number of viewers that watched their content and the influence they provide to their followers.

If you wanted to be a popular YouTuber, check out Influencer Marketing Hub. They have good content with a checklist for aspiring YouTubers.

4.  Become a Live Seller on Facebook

Who doesn’t love Facebook right? In recent years, the immense popularity of Facebook has transformed this popular social media platform into an online live selling platform. The massive increase of online live sellers has exploded. Why not? This gig is virtually at no cost. Aside from the free Facebook Marketplace feature, you can sell your products directly to your friends, followers and connections. Therefore, your chances of getting them to buy your products are very high. Popular products being sold to Facebook ranges from clothes to stuffed toys and gadgets.

Facebook Live Selling

A word of caution though. You need to be careful when doing this gig. It may sound like basic selling but watch out for scammers and bogus buyers out there.

Click on this article Money Saving Expert on how to become a live seller on Facebook.

5.  Start a Profitable Blog

The idea that you can make money through blogging is like a dream. Not only do you get to skip the 9-to-5 work hours and work independently, but you can also blog from anywhere. While it involves hard work and lots of research to create good content, with the right attitude and strategy, anyone can do it.

Start a Profitable Blog

Before you create a blog, make sure that you know your niche. Study topics where you’re good and monetizing your blogs will come after and not vice versa. Most aspiring bloggers quit early because they thought that monetizing their blog early is the key to becoming successful, they were wrong. To become a successful blogger, you need to know your topic very well. When you enjoy writing your topic, the insights you share with your audience will be appreciated.

Below are the 10 steps on how to monetize your blogs:

  1. Choose a profitable niche
  2. Scale your blog content
  3. Build a reputation
  4. Promote and grow
  5. Advertise within your blog
  6. Offer paid subscriptions
  7. Sell merchandise
  8. Become an affiliate
  9. Write sponsored content
  10. Provide consulting services

How much money can you make when you start to blog?  It depends. Earning as a full blogger after building traffic and subscribers for 2 years can make $10,000 (PHP500,000) monthly. But some can make easily from $500 – $2,000 (PHP25,000 – PHP100,000) monthly even within just their first year.

As a way to help you start blogging, check out this article on how to make money on blogging without spending too much.

6.  Data Entry Jobs

A data entry job involves typing out information into a document, spreadsheet or scanned PDF. The earnings depend on how fast you type and how many jobs can accomplish. There are many freelance jobs websites but most of them can be found on OnlineJobs and Upwork.

Data Entry Job

Here’s an example of a typical data entry job you can find on OnlineJobs:

The downside of this gig is that it is one of the lowest earnings since this job doesn’t require technical skills to do. However, you may always combine it with other services as well, like data mining, services and research marketing.

If you want to read more about data entry jobs, you can check out this Flexjob’s data entry article.

7.  ESL: Teach English to Non-English Speakers

English as Second Language (ESL) has been around for decades. This service is popular in the Southern part of the Philippines but gained nationwide popularity when the COVID19 pandemic strike. Today, more and more institutions and schools offer this service to both non-Filipino and foreign students who want to learn English.

Some of the more popular platforms for ESL teaching jobs are Bizmates, Weblio and 51Talk. ESL is regarded as a profession. You may also find your customers through social media, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Teach English as Second Language Online

While most institutions offering ESL do not require certification but if you’re serious enough, you can get one and make a promising career from it. There are many opportunities abroad that look for this specific type of skill.

If you’re interested in ESL online jobs, check out

 8.   Sell Your Videos Online

Are you a video content creator? We’ll good news for you. It’s not just on YouTube where you can monetize your video. The video industry is booming and viewers want more content, so now is the time to get a piece of the action and turn your video content into cash. You can use other video monetizing platforms like Uscreen.

There are many ways to run a video business that is more profitable and consistent than Youtube. Much more, they allow you to control your video content and earn money.

Sell your videos online

With Uscreen they allow you to monetize your video content in various business models. You can set up an account and strategize to maximize your earning potential. This is usually achieved through advertising, subscriptions, or direct transactions.

People will pay you to watch your video content or to transmit a message to your captive audience.

To start with, you need to narrow down your target viewers and be very specific with your niche. To learn more about Uscreen, visit their website at

9.   Live Stream your Hobbies and Talents

Live streaming your hobbies or talents is a potential income opportunity. More and more young people are hooked on mobile games. Take for example the Mobile Legends game.

While some of us can create videos, write blogs or do other things, most people find it easy to express and show themselves when they are enjoying it. By the way, when your hobby is earning you money, it is never called work.

Going back, mobile games can be streamed live online. If you’re onto it, you can build followers and subscribers around you to watch how you play.

Live Stream your hobbies and talents

Some mobile gamers easily earn $3,000 (PHP150,000) per month just to live stream their game on Facebook or Twitch.

Though this gig is very lucrative, there are thousands of people are also into this. What can you say, it’s a competitive industry. After all, the gaming industry is a competition amongst players so you know it’s tough.

However, it’s not just about how you play games but the way you approach it as a whole. Live streaming is part of social media interaction so keep in mind that you’ll need also to show charisma and a pleasing personality to be likable to your followers.

Before you dig into this gig and be serious about it, check out these articles from TechLoot and PCMag.

10.  Sell Homemade Food Online

Selling homemade food online is one of the most common and obvious ways to earn money. People need to eat and base on the number of available fast-food chains and restaurants nearby your area, it is most likely that their customers can be yours too.

The pandemic has opened enormous opportunities to dig into the food business industry. With more and more people preferring to stay at home and eat indoors, it’s an opportunity to lessen the cost of food you make and earn a good margin.

Most fast-food and restaurants cost their food high due to their expenses in the lease, bloated overhead, etc. Therefore, the situation favors online homemade food sellers. You don’t have that problem!

Sell Homemade food online

If you are going to start with this gig, you need to create a business and marketing plan carefully. Don’t bloat your menu at once. Focus on what you want to sell and be very mindful of food safety requirements.

Once you have determined what homemade food you want to sell, make and post it to your Facebook Page and Wall, Instagram or better yet, ask someone to develop a WordPress Website for you. You need to take good-quality photos and have its layout beautifully to entice your customers.

It is also equally important to check on how the food is delivered from your kitchen to the customer. Most of the food contamination or spoilage is not on how the food is prepared but on how it was handled during transportation.

Before starting your own homemade foods business, read this article first from Quicksprout. The article outlines everything you need to do starting from preparing a good business plan down to marketing your food.

11.   Online Paid Surveys

Lots of companies actively gather information about our target customers. Companies and academic researchers want to hear their target customers’ opinions so that they can develop new products or improve their existing ones. They are doing this with the help of third-party survey companies that specialize in market research.

You can earn a few or get points where you can exchange it with money or other incentives when you participate in their online surveys. These surveys are usually advertised in newspaper apps and it only takes a few minutes to answer them.

Online paid survey

You need to register your email first before you’ll receive a notification inviting you to answer their surveys.

They will credit the money you earn in the survey to your member account. Most commonly, you may redeem it via PayPal.

Be warned though that there are a few websites that don’t pay their participants even though they promised to do so. Before jumping into this gig, check out Survey Police’s list of top user recommended Philippine survey sites.

12.  Create or Buy and Sell Handicrafts

Whether you know how to make or have an eye for handicraft products (like pottery, furniture, and handmade jewelry), you can sell it online — on Facebook, Instagram, or even on a dedicated marketplace like Karton or Etsy.

Sell handicrafts online

It’s not only earning by creating and selling these products but you can also look for small cottage handicraft industries and partner with them to be your supplier and sell their products online.

If you think you have good quality products, you can expect better profit margins if you sell your products online (through Cratejoy) to other countries.

Check the list from DIY Joy and SelluSeller for things you can make and sell online.

13.  Sell your Designs and Drawings Online

If you have a passion for creating designs and drawing you may sell your work online and make money. You may design logos, brands, t-shirts, captions or anything. It doesn’t matter what design tool, media or platform you’re using because there is always a market for quality designs.

You can monetize your designs through Creative Market by selling the license of your work to your customers. As long as your design isn’t exclusive to a single customer, anyone may buy a license of your work and thus creating a continuous income.

Sell your handicrafts online

Some unique drawings done on unique media also fetch a hefty profit. The price depends on different factors but definitely, there is a market for these.

Check out Designhill’s list of places where you can sell your designs online.

14.  Start a Podcast Show

Most celebrities nowadays are making money through podcast shows. They bank on their status to get their audience through their channels. The good news is, podcasting is still new to most people. You don’t need to be a celebrity or a famous person just to start this gig. As long as you find your niche and help people in your area of expertise then you are good to go.

The internet has no boundaries and therefore, you can reach and help people with their concerns in every corner of the planet.

With podcasting gigs, the opportunities are endless. You can market your products and services or other companies as well. You are also building your credibility and authority in your niche along the way. Depending on how you project yourself, people may see you as an expert in this topic.

The usual ways to earn money through podcasting are namely; affiliate marketing, product endorsement, advertisement, sponsorships, etc.

Like any other gig, you just need to start with a piece of decent equipment if you want to start podcasting. A nice smartphone, storyline, good projection, and a nice smile will be all it takes to start your podcasting career. There are many podcasting platforms out there so better check it out. If you want to know more about this gig, click on the link The Podcast Host to know how to get started in 20 steps.

15.  Sell Stock Images Online

If you love taking photos then you can monetize it. True! Photos of beautiful places, food, themes, people, models, construction or industrial site, or anything, you can earn from it.

For starters, you don’t need expensive cameras to get high-quality photos. All you need is just a decent smartphone with a high-resolution camera.

You can monetize your photos through iStockphoto, SmugMug Pro and Shutterstock by selling the license to your customers. As long as your photos aren’t exclusive to a single customer, anyone may buy a license of your work and thus creating a continuous income.

sell stock photos online

You earn as much as PHP30,000 per month (for a thousand sold licenses). The more photos you upload and sell the more earnings you get.

The PhotoWorkout has a guide about how to make money with stock photography.

16.  Create an Online Course

You don’t need to be a Professor, Teacher, have a Post Doctorate or Master’s Degree just to sell online courses. What matters nowadays is the skills you may teach to other people. What’s important for many people is to help them achieve a certain level of skill confidence that can give them additional income.

Many online courses focus on helping to build this set of skills. For example, How to Make a Website without Coding or How to Start a Blogging and Earn Income or even so, How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency. The list goes on and on.

sell online courses

All of us have certain skills that we would like to share and teaching online courses that you know can become a potential income earner.

Websites like Udemy, Skillshare and Lynda are the best online courses marketplaces out there. However, you need first to introduce yourself and your track record to boost your credibility. A good LinkedIn profile may help. Some well-written articles, podcasts, or if you have your book to speak on your credentials are great.

Overall, creating online courses can be a tedious but very rewarding way to earn money. There is no shortcut for this process though but believe me, the payback is good. To get started read through this guide from Learn Worlds.


17.  Publish your eBook

Publishing your ebook and selling it is one of the best ways you can make money online. Depending on your topic and niche, there is a huge market for ebooks. Amazon partnered with Kindle in helping authors to publish and sell ebooks from their website. All you need is to make a Kindle account; have it approved and connect your bank where your book sale percentage will be deposited.

As long as your ebook is being bought by your readers, your profit keeps on pouring.

sell ebook online

It will be a good idea that you first create hype with your friends and social media followers. Keep in mind that you need to entice your audience before you can make them buy your ebook. Some clever authors publish a portion of their book on a blog site or on their social media to whet the appetite of their audience. Once they are hooked up, they will decide if they want to buy your ebook and continue reading.

Keep in mind that you need to proofread your content thoroughly as it will be uploaded by the publisher directly.

Though it is exciting to publish your very own ebook, it’s also more complicated than you think. We recommend reading this great guide Love and Paper Flowers first.

John Philip Espiloy

John Philip Espiloy is a researcher, writer, speaker, lecturer  and an author of several scientific and engineering journals.  He is now a  full-time writer  together with his partner. 


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