Level up your event with a personalized registration experience 

Your registration technology should be as responsive, intuitive, and flexible as the events you plan. Start your attendee journey off with an amazing registration flow and give attendees a taste of what they can expect.

See the power of Asisio in action today

    Collect registrations and promote your event

    Marketing tools

    Registration websites


    Payment services

    Tracking & reporting

    Automated workflows

    Customize your website with limitless designs

    Make launching new events a breeze


    Design entire event sites from a single window, all in a few clicks.

    • Drag and drop widgets
    • Design in real-time
    • Control styling and display
    • Set brand styling sitewide
    • Event templates and libraries


    Drive conversions like never before.

    • Email marketing campaigns

    • Agenda and speaker promotion

    • Early bird pricing

    • Automate reminder emails

    • Retarget abandoned registrants


    Deliver a custom and unique experience by knowing who your attendees are.

    • Send personalized email content

    • Custom content and personalized links

    • Display targeted website content

    • Pre-populate forms

    • Customize your event URL


    Collect data before, during, and after your event to prove your ROI.

    • Visual dashboards

    • Monitor traffic using UTM parameters

    • Get attendee feedback

    • Track your registration count

    • Make data visible to stakeholders

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